Ernie’s Competitive Edge

Universal Card Competitors CFN FleetWide Pride Advantage Wright Express Fleet One Comdata
General Statistics
Wholesale Fueling Locations 2,500 1,300 1,000 1,000 1,000
Retail Fueling Locations 55,000 55,000 140,000 60,000 220,000
Automotive Service Locations 0 0 45,000 0 Unlimited
Product Features
Wholesale Site Prices X X
Combined Card and Invoices X X
Floating PIN/Driver Pool Option X X X X X
Fuel Grade Restrictions* X X
Gallon Limits* X X
Restricted to Fuel Only X X X X X
Time/Date Restrictions X X X X X
Misc/Manual Entry X X X
End User Web Portal X X X X X
Automated Unusual Activity Alerts X X X
Exception Reporting X X X X X

*Available in cardlock locations only.