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Be sure to send your application directly to us and do not turn it in to a local station.
All members work independently and offer their own application process, services, credit limits, payment terms and pricing discounts.

For US Applicants
US Credit Application
For Applicants Fueling in the State of Oregon
Oregon Tax Exemption
Oregon Tax Exemption – Vehicle List

Print and fill out the application and Oregon Tax Exempt form (if applicable).  Sign the forms, then send to Sales
Department via:


Fax: (253) 529-7119

Ernie’s Fueling Network
28727 Pacific Hwy. S.
Federal Way, WA 98003-9227

Credit Concern

For Applicants Where Credit is a Concern
Security Deposit Agreement

Please ask about our Secured Deposit Program.  This will give you full access to our fueling program with a prepaid non-working deposit and help re-establish your credit. Call if you have any questions or would like help filling your application out over the phone at (888) 236-3835.